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Anonimo is the discovery of an Unknown (nameless) Composer. The Unknown is exactly what has been known throughout the history of the Indigenous Tribes of South America. The purpose of the film is to share the discovery of one leather satchel buried underneath a Jesuit Mission in Bolivia 45 years ago. What a Jesuit architect discovered in the satchel: a treasure of sheet music hidden for centuries and signed with the name Anonimo. 

What happened 300 years ago? 
Who were these composers?
Why was this music hidden and preserved for so long? 
What does this music sound like? 
And lastly, why were the pieces of music written anonymously?.... 

It is our mission to reveal how this leather satchel of music composed 300 years ago can be so important to a nation of people, God, the story of forgiveness, healing and redemption.

Anonimo uses the story behind a priceless artifact to rediscover the purpose of Jesuit missionary work in 18th century South America.  The music serves as a soundtrack of the people, and how once forgotten pages of music still live on through generations, the consistent tool that transcends language, barriers and race. 

Our goal is to share this music with the world and discover the hidden melodies of Anonimo.




Anonimo is a project that I have dreamed about for the past 5 years. It all started when I took a trip to Bolivia 17 years ago and fell in love with the country. Over the last few years, I have gained knowledge of this hidden satchel of music buried underneath one of the missions in South America from my good friend Nathan Ramsey.

In my research, I discovered that the music found was all entitled “Anonimo” which translated in English is anonymous. There were 5,000 pieces of music found underneath the Jesuit mission. Today it totals around 12,000. Since the initial finding, music has been found in the walls of other missions, in a harp, and amongst tribes along Amazon tributaries and were protecting them in their huts after the expulsion of the Jesuits in 1767. For 300 hundred years this music went into hiding and now has resurfaced. This music is a treasure and a gift to the Bolivians. The story has captured my heart and I feel honored to be able to pour my life, family and heart into as a mission.

Along my initial journey with this subject matter, I discovered that the people of South America and the Chiquitanos Tribe  cherish this music and have used it as a pillar in their community, hearing how impactful this sound was to their culture impacted me greatly. I fell in love with the story and with the people of this area immediately upon arrival and now I feel compelled to help share this story of the Unknown Composer with the world.

Over the last few years, I have taken multiple trips to South America and have been given a great deal of help and guidance from the people of Bolivia. Within Bolivia, parts of this music has been discovered and performed.

It is my hopes and dedication to bring the whole story of the Unkown Composer to life and share it with the world. My hope is that I can share this on a global scale with film and live orchestral music being a vehicle that carries us across continents and oceans to share the story of Anonimo.




This is the first step in raising money for this film. We invite you to help support this project in it's initial phase.

The donations will help pay and support the following:  

  • Research trip to Bolivia in November to establish shooting schedule.
  • Building relationships with the Bolivian people.
  • 12 months of production for the film.
  • Editorial, Color and Finish of the film.
  • Marketing for Anonimo and Distribution of the film.

This is an exciting documentary that’s filled with so much wonder.
We appreciate you considering helping us tell the story of the unexplainable power of music.

Your help will allow Anonimo and the music to be heard and seen around the world.

Thanks for taking the time and partnering with us in this journey.


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Scott Loudon